Why Laser Dentistry is the Future of Dentistry

Laser dentistry is as remarkable as it sounds. With laser dentistry, Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui can perform oral services and operations with a precision impossible through any other method. By applying this fine focus to a single area of your mouth, the dentist can treat a certain spot without harming any others. Laser dentistry is a service we’re proud to offer all our patients at Tara Hills Dental.

And yet, the word “laser” next to “dentistry” scares a few patients. Despite the powerful, accurate nature of laser dentistry, the idea of having a laser in your mouth isn’t an easy one for all of us. Please recognize that dental operation lasers are becoming more and more widespread and are completely safe. There are a number of different uses for them, and as those new uses are devised, laser dentistry will continue to grow.

When our doctor uses laser dentistry at Tara Hills Dental, everyone reaps the benefits. Surgical procedures using lasers regularly do not necessitate sedation beforehand or sutures afterward. Since lasers used in laser dentistry help clot blood, blood subsequent from procedures will also be curtailed, and any damaged tissues will heal faster.

Are you interested in the applications of laser dentistry at Tara Hills Dental? Come into our office in Pinole, California, or call us at 510-724-7474 to pencil in your next checkup with us. We’ll be ecstatic to see you!