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    If you are looking for a more stable option for your denture treatment, Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui at Tara Hills Dental can treat your smile with overdentures. Although they are similar to traditional dentures, overdentures attach to implants or your natural teeth for better stability and durability. This means you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence, knowing that your dentures will not slip out of place. For more information, we welcome you to contact us at 510-724-7474 and schedule your consultation with our caring dentist.

    An overdenture is a removable denture appliance that fits on top of a dental implant or your natural teeth. In some cases, those who receive dentures find that their appliance loosens up over the years and begin slipping or falling out while speaking or eating. If dentures are properly fitted and held in place, this should not be happening. However, if you are facing this problem, one way to fix it is with overdentures.

    For patients who may benefit from overdentures, our dentist will evaluate your oral health and consider your different treatment options. If your jaw bone has sufficient density and strength, we may recommend that your overdentures attach to dental implants. The process carried out for overdentures with dental implants is very similar to the procedure for implant-supported dentures. Another option our dentist may present is keeping a few of your natural teeth that will act as an underlying support for your overdentures.

    Overdentures can do a lot to restore and retain your healthy, beautiful smile. In addition to being very affordable, overdentures can:

    • Increase self-confidence in your smile
    • Improve your speech
    • Promote better digestion by restoring the ability to chew and eat normally
    • Retain your facial structure by providing your lips and cheeks with support

    If you have questions about overdentures, we welcome you to contact our practice today. We are always happy to help you achieve a better smile!