The Benefits of Invisalign® for Your Smile Correction

If the idea of wearing traditional braces to straighten your smile is unappealing to you, have you considered the Invisalign® smile system? Our Tara Hills Dental team in Pinole, California is pleased to offer Invisalign for our patients. Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui has been helping patients straighten their smiles with this system with great results.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits Invisalign offers:

Invisalign fixes gapped teeth: If you leave gaps in your smile untreated, you can have problems with your gums, including periodontal pockets which can make you at higher risk of gum disease.

Invisalign fixes an overbite: When you have an overbite, your upper teeth bite over your bottom teeth. Left untreated, this can cause gum irritation and possibly even wear down your lower teeth. Eventually, you could be saddled with jaw and joint problems.

Invisalign fixes your underbite:  If your lower teeth stick out past your front teeth, you may have problems with the normal function of your front teeth and even your molars. The result? Wear and tear on teeth, and eventual jaw and joint problems that can be painful.

Invisalign can fix an open bite: An open bite can happen when some of the teeth don’t meet the opposite teeth to allow you to chew properly. If this is left uncorrected, you can end up with pain when you chew, and sometimes even problems with your speech. Eventually, it can lead to TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder.

Invisalign can fix overcrowding: Your teeth can become crowded if there’s not enough room for them to fit properly. With time this can make your teeth crooked and lead to gum disease and plaque buildup because of difficulty being able to brush and floss correctly.

Invisalign can fix a crossbite:  If your jaws are both misaligned, you can end up with a crossbite. With a crossbite, one of more of your upper teeth can bite the inside of the lower teeth. If this should occur, you can end up with wear and tear on the enamel, problems with gum disease, and even bone loss.

To achieve the results you seek, you simply wear your aligners as scheduled, change them out on schedule, and visit Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui every 2-3 weeks to make sure your smile is aligning according to your plan. Since you take the aligners out to eat, you can still enjoy your favorite foods without worry about harming brackets and wires or cleaning around them. This also means you can continue your excellent oral health habits while straightening your pearly whites.

If you are interested in aligning your smile with the Invisalign®system, we invite you to give our Tara Hills Dental team a call at 510-724-7474 to schedule a consultation. If you are excited about the benefits of to your smile, we are excited to help you achieve them!