Braces Vs Invisalign: Which One Is Best for You?

Invisalign aligners or braces? This is one question that most adults want an answer to. Although it may seem like both these options are increasingly chosen simultaneously, it’s always a good idea to first analyze and conduct some research. After all, the question here is not about braces but the goal is to achieve a better smile with zero dental problems. 

So, here is a detailed comparison list that might help you choose between the two treatment options. 


Invisalign, also known as clear or invisible braces, is a widely recognized option. It is one of those treatments that require customized 3D technology to fit the description of a patient’s need.  

One of the discreet methods to help patients fix their teeth, but that’s not it, Invisalign comes with a bunch of advantages discussed right below. 

Ease of Use 

You can easily remove Invisalign, brush, floss, and clean your teeth without having to worry about hurting your gums, or tongue as is the case with traditional braces. Not only this but you can also clean these braces quite easily. The maintenance time is nothing compared to the traditional ones.

Fewer Follow-Ups

The best part about the Invisalign treatment is that you don’t have to visit your dentist for major alignment and adjustment issues. These clear aligners are 3D customized. So, you are less likely to visit your dentist as long as you don’t need new ones. 

Comfortable to Wear

Wearing and maintaining traditional braces is an uncomfortable task. The metal wire causes tension between the jaw and teeth. As a result, it’s difficult for most patients to move their jaw without pain and discomfort. 

As for Invisalign retainers, there are a few chances of cheek cuts and pain due to tightening of teeth as these braces are made up of special plastic material. 

Good to Look at

If you wish to keep a low profile Invisalign is your best bet. They are transparent and clear in appearance. The tray is completely invisible for anyone to notice or point out. 

Decreased Dental Problems

Besides its appearance and ease of use, Invisalign aligners also keep dental issues such as cheek cuts, underbite, and gaps between teeth in check. 

However, you must understand that each dental issue is different and requires proper consultation. So, make sure you visit an orthodontist and learn what treatment suits you best. 

Traditional Braces

We are all quite familiar with the traditional metal braces. Some of you might have even seen your classmates or friends wearing them. Needless to say, traditional braces still hold a valuable place in the market and for solid reasons. 

1. A Best Fit for All Problems

Unlike Invisalign aligners, traditional braces are a good fit for all types of dental deformities. It doesn’t matter how many crowded teeth you have or how severe your dental condition is, with braces you can get anything fixed easily. 

Braces are also a powerful treatment method for teeth gaps because the archwires are used as anchors to keep your teeth in place. 

In addition to this, major forms of dental problems can only be treated with traditional braces because of their strength to hold your teeth in one place. 

2. Heat Resistant

Traditional braces are made up of a special metal. So, this means that hot beverages like tea, coffee, or even water will neither affect their position nor cause them to stain. More importantly,  you don’t have to worry about removing them repeatedly. 

3. Multiple Options

There are a variety of traditional braces out there. Because dentists have been using traditional braces for quite some time, it is ideal to have several options to choose from. Each brace is made according to the type of deformity or problem. You can also request a customized brace if you wish to use them discreetly. 

For discrete use, behind-teeth or sometimes also termed ceramic braces are recommended. As for those who are okay with the appearance of braces you can choose simple metal braces. 

4. Less Accountability

One of the best characteristics of braces is that you cannot remove them without professional help. They remain intact until the problem is fixed. And to be honest, this feature is a blessing in disguise, here’s why.  You see, you have to keep the braces in for more than 15 hours to achieve the desired results. It’s a given with metal braces because you can’t remove them even if you have a strong urge to do so. 

5. Quick Turnaround 

Traditional braces can straighten crooked teeth and close gaps quicker than Invisalign.  Especially for patients who have wide gaps and a bunch of crooked teeth. The severity of your problem plays a major role here. In other words, patients with major dental issues must go with traditional metal braces or Invisalign to see relatively quick results. 

6. Inexpensive

The price you pay to your orthodontists for fixing your teeth will most likely depend upon a no. of factors. However, traditional metal braces are cheaper than Invisalign aligners. Perhaps because the latter is customized as per your needs using 3D technology. 

We suggest that you keep your dental insurance intact because at the end of the day both options can cost you a lot of money. Also, the ‘price percentage’ difference between both these treatment options is not much. 

7. Regular Follow-Ups

Working adults might have a problem with regular appointments and follow-ups because of their tight schedules, but if you dig deeper these checkups are a blessing in disguise. First, because the doctor is fully aware of your condition. This means you can easily clear your doubts or seek advice. 

Second, dentists can help you re-adjust or re-align the wires properly. Third, it’s the best way to keep your problems in check. Constant medical supervision assures a better future for your jaws and overall dental health. 

Invisalign Vs Braces – Final Thoughts

So far we have discussed everything we need to know about Invisalign and traditional braces. But it all boils down to taking a decision that is good for your oral health. You can choose either of the options based on your dentist’s advice and ask for professional help if you are still not sure. Rest assured, both these treatments have their own sets of strengths. So, choose wisely and keep smiling. 

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