A Severely Chipped Tooth May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

Sometimes something as simple as a hard bump to the head can cause you to bite down extremely hard and chip a tooth. A similar problem could be posed by chronic night grinding or forgetting to wear a protective mouth guard during rigorous athletics.

While most chips are minor and cause little discomfort, yet others can be severe and require emergency dental care. However, even minor chips and dental fractures still require timely treatment from a dentist. If the affected tooth enamel isn’t repaired bacterial deposits could start to accumulate, leading to a severe case of tooth decay.

A patient with a badly chipped tooth may need Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui to perform a dental crown restoration. This treatment process will essentially replace the existing tooth enamel layer with a durable dental material like gold, an alloy of base metals or dental grade porcelain.

After the tooth has been prepared, a dental lab will create the dental crown. You will need to return to our dentist office for a second appointment to have it firmly cemented in place. This will fully restore the tooth’s physical presence and function in your mouth for many years to come.

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