A Dental Bridge Might Be Able to Prevent Future Complications After Tooth Loss

Sometimes when a tooth is lost to a severe dental trauma or required extraction to prevent tooth decay from causing a periodontal infection, the resulting void can prove bothersome. Even if you learn to adapt to any changes in your speech, appearance and basic oral function, the void in your mouth could still lead to orthodontic complications.

If the structural changes and presence of the tooth are not addressed in a reasonable time frame, it could gradually cause the neighboring teeth to turn and alter their alignment. If the alignment problem worsens, you could become increasingly prone to problems like dental attrition, chipped teeth, and dental fractures.

With proper attention from a reputable dentist like Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui, these complications might be prevented by installing a dental bridge. This is an artificial replacement tooth fused to two crowns. It is mounted on a pair of abutments formed from the two closest neighboring teeth.

After your dentist examines the two closest teeth neighboring the void to ensure their strength, they will then use a drill to remove each tooth’s enamel layer. This creates a pair of abutments that will eventually anchor your dental bridge.

The dental work will need to be created in a special dental lab. When it’s ready, you will need to return to Dr. Feriel El Ghaoui’s dental office a second appointment to have it cemented in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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